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Suspicion about ‘SAITM CEO’ shooting incident!

There is suspicion about the shooting incident said to have targeted Dr. Sameera Senaratne, CEO of SAITM last night (06), a senior official at the police headquarters said.

The incident was raised at several media briefing that took place today too.

The centre against private medical colleges said this could be a conspiracy by the government to sabotage the struggle against SAITM.

Convener of the centre Dr. Jayantha Bandara said they condemned the shooting, although it could well have been planned by the government.

He urged the public not to be misled by such attempts.

However, the SLFP sees it differently, with its former MP Shantha Bandara describing it as a plot against the government.

Target of the shooting, Dr. Senaratne said at a media briefing convened by SAITM that it could be part of an international conspiracy.

He said SAITM was being used as an issue against the government, and asked the accusers as to what his institution would gain by planning the shooting.

Meanwhile, medical students of eight state-universities are boycotting lectures in a show or protests against SAITM.

The medical students action committee warns of stronger action if the government fails to listen to them.

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